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Amusement & Edutainment Technologies equipment has the highest level of wow effect on the market of dynamic layout for 5D cinemas.


Why people choose 5D cinemas from AET

  • 1

    Own attractions manufacturing

    We have the strict control of production quality, you are guaranted to buy 5D cinema, that qualifies worldwide standards.

  • 2

    Unique dynamic platform for 5D cinema

    Two and Three seats platform well designed chairs, electric actuator and 3 degrees of freedom

  • 3

    We use seven special effects

    Special effects, designed by our company, have sufficient difference from the competitors and give the maximum WOW-effect. 5D-6D-7D rides by your choice

  • 4

    Own 5D movies(rides) studio

    Our mediatheque is a content of all genres, all age categories, as well as excellent quality of active stereo and sound

  • 5

    Qualified specialists

    Full project accompanying by our employees: from info request of purchasing to assembling and maintenance

  • 6

    Individual approach to projects

    Unique design of pavilion, individual cinema specification if needed, flexible discount system

  • 7

    Experience in setting up the chain of cinemas

    Chain of our 5D cinemas spreads all over the world. Start your 5D business!

Recent reviews

  • Leonid, Simferopol, the owner of 4 seats cinema “Avatar” chain.
    Leonid, Simferopol, the owner of 4 seats cinema “Avatar” chain.

    I put cinemas in the tourist area, so important to me were the following points: simplicity of installation, service, and the large number of films. When my chain started to work, I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of "AET" installation workers, because I wanted company’s specialist to do installation. As for the tourist audience, considering how many theaters already are on the coast, I'm not sorry that purchased "Avatar." The library has a lot of films for children and family viewing. Majority cinemas are not for children; however “Avatar” brings a lot of joy to children! So we decided to increase the number of cinemas, despite the closeness of the competition - within 100 meters!

  • Dmitry, Bryansk. The owner of cinema with 6 metres cylindrical screen.
    Dmitry, Bryansk. The owner of cinema with 6 metres cylindrical screen.

    When buying a movie theater from "AET", we knew it was the most interesting theater for the audience. But the effect has exceeded all expectations. Visitors, who took their first ride, further all became fans of the attraction. Recoverability of clients – hundred percent! I'll tell you an example: when just opened, the first to come "experienced" that "all have seen already," because there were already some cinemas in the city and we took a huge risk by opening the project based on "Avatar-VIP". When crazy excitement platform movements began, it was really moving in three dimensions, based on the movie that other platforms simply could not pass, because of the plot of the movie, people were just screaming in delight! So we are thinking about opening such project in another city.

About AET and business in 5D

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