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Amusement & Edutainment Technologies equipment has the highest level of wow effect on the market of dynamic layout for 5D cinemas.


A proposition for investors (only for legal entities)

«Motion theaters» (theater with special effects) are well known in the world many years. They are located in museums, parks, and entertainment centers. To make those cinemas even more attractive, we have invested our own distinct patented ideas:

  • Shorten the session for greater choice, 3-5 minutes long dynamic ride films

  • Invented a unique dynamic chairs for each visitor in three dimensions of freedom (up/down, back/forth, left/right)

  • Enriched 3D stereo films with special effects (wind, rain, splashes, smoke, snow, lightening, bubbles)

  • Installed a special sensor into each motion chair, online, fixing all seats were bought, to monitor revenue by receiving SMS (Text message) to the accounting.

We have made tremendous «WOW» effect for viewers. People like adrenalin, and they come again and again! This product we named "5D cinema". Have a look, how the 5D cinema works in entertainment center!


Our 5D cinema production showed that cinema buyers get the payback in 5-6 months!
This is a record in the entertainment industry!

We realized:

It is profitable to build own chain of own production cinemas. To verify, we opened couple of unites, 5D cinemas by AET. And those cinemas are working more than a year already. We have the necessary experience and statistics on revenues, formed a team serving existing and opening new 5D cinemas by AET.

What we need now:

To continue the development of our cinemas chain, we attract funds from investors (only for legal entities) based on credit agreement in euro, US dollars, Russian rubles, amount of not less than $ 30000 one year term and monthly payment and 35% of interest per annum. Till 1 May, 2015 loan portfolio is forms by placing 5 cinemas in Belarus.

First ivestment project

The first investment project is completed successfully (20 October 2013) 7 5D cinemas have been opened in the Republic of Belarus

All necessary documents for investors you can order by mail, sending us a request.

Инвестиционный проект в сфере развлечений. 5D Кинотеатры

Cinemas are opened on the current date:

  • Address: Minsk, Burdeinogo 6 st, (the area of the market "West");

  • Address: Minsk, Dunin-Marcinkiewicz 11 st, (the area of the market, "Rakowski's Fair".

  • Address: Zhlobin, m-n the 20th, 30-3, "Evroopt"

  • Address: Bobruisk, "Bobruisk mall" Crown ", st. 50 years of the Komsomol, 33.

  • Address: Brest, Brest mall "Crown", st. Moscow, 210.

  • Address: Mogilev, "Hippo" st. Movchanskogo, 6.

  • Address: Gomel, "Hippo" st. Kosarev, 18.

Investment project in the field of entertainment. 5D Cinema Investment project in the field of entertainment. 5D Cinema Investment project in the field of entertainment. 5D Cinema


Do you want to try yourself in 5D business, but doubt in the choice of equipment?

You do not want to look for rent, staff, and pay taxes?? Worry about where to get new movies for the working one?

Are you an investor who wants to invest in a guaranteed business for the near future?

We offer a very high interest rate on a transparent investment - 35% per annum. We will pay for your tax on dividends in the amount of 15% of the amount of dividend payment and give you a tax documents. In total: e.g. 30000$ on loan – get back 40500$.

Our investment project has a one hundred percent success, based on actual experience and income from self-functioning 5d cinemas chain of our own production. Now we offer you an opportunity to profit! To add, it is always a pleasure to earn money while bringing joy, incredible and positive emotions to people;).

Thank for kind attention.

The project is closed.

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