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Amusement & Edutainment Technologies equipment has the highest level of wow effect on the market of dynamic layout for 5D cinemas.


Modernization or repair of equipment 5D rooms with Chinese and other manufacturers

We offer repair and upgrade existing pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and 5d 5d cinema of attractions and other Chinese manufacturers. We will repair and upgrade your 5d cinema, take it to the post-warranty service, will advise your admin staff.

We can connect your 5d theater to an alternative system of management and control 5D cinema with a specially designed software "Avatar" for playback of stereo, dynamic platform management and special effects;

By ordering modernization in AET, you will get:

  • Easy to set licensing movies from our ever-growing mediatheque;

  • Convert movies that are in your property for a modernized 5d platform free of charge;

  • Protection against unauthorized access to the statistics file and send it via SMS;

  • Administrator password, operator password, if necessary;

  • The ability to output the advertising information (movie poster, trailer) and images of the auditorium to an external monitor during a session and between them;

  • The ability to record a session on a DVD for sale to visitors as a souvenir;

  • The opportunity to nitice a session start with sounds;

  • Multi-language supporting Media Server UI;

  • Displays the current time of 5D a movie playing;

  • The ability to connect from the effects of the existing equipment and adding new (spray, wind, mouse, snow, bubbles, smoke, flash);

  • Changing the projection system from passive to active or vice versa;

  • Changing the size and format screens on cylindrical panoramic, flat;

  • Changing Dynamics platforms (taking into account structural features of existing platforms or replacing entire nodes);

  • Replacement of sound systems;

  • Media materials and design assistance in the rebranding, making posters for your movies;

  • Take advantage of the passing action for the complete replacement of platforms (the details are here);

The algorithm is as follows:

You send a request to an existing problem (as detailed as possible, try to describe it) we have 24 hours will contact you and take additional interview, what would understand what technical capabilities you have. During the next 24 hours, we will do a detailed quotation, after your approval which will be clear specification of necessary materials and labor.


  • Software package for managing 5d cinema - free of charge.

  • Convert movies available to your property and install them on our software to alternative management upgraded 5d cinema - free of charge.

  • Rebranding, making posters for your movies - no charge.

  • Installation work on the repair and re-equipment on site 5d attraction - free of charge (except for tickets, food, accommodation). These type of work can be done remotely and in the presence of trained staff at the Customer.

  • Prices for the necessary parts are agreed by you on the stage of creating the specification.

  • All work and calculations are made based on the contract with fixed obligations on our part.

We are confident that the range of activities and services will help to revive, maintain, retain, sell your efforts and capital invested in the 5d cinema. The form for requesting a special software for management 5D cinema, services, repairs and "upgrade" can be found here.

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