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Dear customers and buyers of 5d equipment!

Many manufacturers of 5d cinemas and studios that produce movies, always publish their attitude toward piracy in entertainment. We join with them and encourage you to fight with the pirates! Because in recent years many companies offer a lot of movies for a small amount for equipment, be careful. It is not a freebie. Contacting with the pirates, you substitute firstly yourself! So, more;

Originally the offer looks very tempting, but what pirates actually suggest:

1. Most often it isold movies, once popular, but nonetheless with the outdated graphics and sound. Really you can watch only 20 films out of 100. In this situation you can see that you will have to pay not really a small amount,but agreatdissatisfactionof your customers.

2. Video and audio quality is poor, because pirates take the source code everywhere. And quality is a very important. The customer has become more demanding, and knows what to pay money. Most studios with whom we work, make films for special equipment, visualization, sound system, etc.

3. Pirates claim that movement in film is written at a high level, it's all nonsense! Movement and residence effects requires special software, experience and special skills. Our platform has three degrees of freedom, it is a very big speaker and a bunch of different options for widgets like fall, turns, different rolls, shaking, etc. Working on a film takes time and of course check the pirates usually do not have the first or the second.

4. Many of the pirates offer constant replenishment film library for a percentage of the revenue a little today, and tomorrow is huge! Whether you shouldinvest in apirate? They do not make movies, the studios are not legally cooperate, where do they come from the content? Simply steal. If suddenly 5d equipment manufacturers stopped producing movies on your settings, the pirates simply have nowhere to take movies. Therefore, investing in producers of cinema in the legal studio, you are investing in technology and quality content, and where will the customers in your cinema with the latest innovations with good graphics and sound, or a competitor to the old hackneyed films - this is a rhetorical question .

5. Finally the most important! Everybody knows that the cooperation with the Pirates is illegal act, on the both sides. Pirates claim that they have direct contracts with the studios, with us, but it's all just words. That is, in fact, you substituted initially if check was coming, you will not get out, the cinema during the test sealed, you'll pay a fine, rent for the downtime, our company cease all TECH. Support on your settings, and your competitors will be happy. The check can be initiated by someone - the studio producing films or your competitor!

Penalties under the law: Article 7.12 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation. Violation of copyright and related rights, and patent rights. The import, sale, lease, or other illegal use of copies of works or phonograms for the generation of income in cases where copies of works or phonograms are counterfeit, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation on Copyright and Related Rights, or on copies of works or phonograms listed false information their manufacturers, the location of their production, as well as the holders of copyright and related rights, as well as a violation of copyright and related rights in order to derive income punishable by an administrative fine on legal entities - from thirty thousand to forty thousand rubles with confiscation of infringing copies of works and soundtracks, as well as materials and equipment used in their manufacture, and other instruments of committing the administrative offense.

In no case do not want to scare you, this is not a threat but a reality! We hope this information will help you to make a right conclusions on the proposals PIRATES!

Director of animation studio "Sinemator"
Gontarev Artem

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