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Amusement & Edutainment Technologies equipment has the highest level of wow effect on the market of dynamic layout for 5D cinemas.


Dynamic modules - modernized chairs 5D cinema "Avatar" with an electric actuator with three degrees of freedom(3DOF)

Viewers who attended the sessions of our 5D Cinema "Avatar", will never forget big comfortable chairs, seats, movie screen a large area and importantly, an unforgettable pleasure from watching the 5D movie. Joy is called by: the water spray and wind, and special effects that mimic a natural phenomena and events taking place in front of the audience. Persons who sit in chairs, personally involved in the chase and shoots experiencing the same feelings as the characters of 5D movie. Chair-seats which repeats all amazing and sharp movements, as if repeating the film footage, create a completely realistic picture of what is happening, as if the action is not on the screen, but right there in the hall. These seats are equipped with various additional effects, repeatedly reinforcing feelings of the audience.

2 seats standard dynamic module «AET/Amusement and Edutainment Technologies production»

3 seats standard dynamic module «AET/Amusement and Edutainment Technologies production»

8 seats dynamic module «AET/Amusement and Edutainment Технологии Развлечений»

Standard dynamic modules produced by AET/Technologies of entertainments

This modules are structurally designed specifically for viewing these movies. They have a rather complicated structure. During the operation they are able to move in three degrees of freedom: up and down, left and right, back and forth. They can jump over obstacles, are able to pass the finer points the film - flights, sea dive. There is also possibility of showing not scary and quit movies for children and the whole family. This structure is easier to call the dynamic platform than a place for the viewer. Too much built-in features distinguish them from ordinary seats in cinemas.

Our company produces a dynamic double platform, as well as triple-ins that are installed in such sets, like "Avatar Moby," and "Avatar-Kombo." Without false modesty, it should be noted that such a stunning effect, as in the hall, where our special chair set - dynamic platform, the viewer will not experience in any similar place. This is due to the specific design of chairs, its movable properties. Anyone who comes to the film to raise the level of adrenaline in the blood, fantastic roller coaster ride, rising to the heavens and come down to "hell" - welcome to the 5D Cinema"Avatar."

Dynamic modules