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Amusement & Edutainment Technologies equipment has the highest level of wow effect on the market of dynamic layout for 5D cinemas.



For those, who already have 5D cinemas, and is operated for a long time!

  • You want to add new features in existing cinema?

  • You are tired to fix faulty platforms?

  • You are not satisfied how your 5D cinema operates, but there is no desire to buy a new one?

We have special offer exactly for you “Your new 5D cinema”

We propose you to change your dynamic platforms to our two seats or three seats platform staying with projector, screen, the sound system, special effects and even your movies!

Conversion value of changing the platform will cost you less than buying new 5D cinema. Special offer is for every type of cinemas, regardless of installation place or country of origin.

You get:

  • Unique dynamic platform with three degrees of freedom (3DOF);

  • New control panel with the option to show greeting part before the session, and advertising clips on the outside screen between sessions, record souvenir CDs from the movie session, also decoded statistics with visits (protection against hacking by operators) with the opportunity to send text messages with reports;

  • Opportunity to get new movies from our library;

  • Technical service for 1 year;

  • Convert movies that you already own for our platform free of charge;

  • Media materials and designer help in rebranding.

Your new 5D cinema with our platforms by AET/Edutainment Technologies – a chance to add a new life to existing business and make new profits.

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