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Amusement & Edutainment Technologies equipment has the highest level of wow effect on the market of dynamic layout for 5D cinemas.


The «Rift Ride» interactive attraction of the last generation

The «Rift Ride» attraction

Dynamic platform - 3-DOF electric with 3 degrees of freedom:

  • The slopes of the left and right -± 10°;

  • Movements up/down - 0.04 m;

  • Speed (max) - 0.25 m / s;

  • The platform is equipped with an emergency stop button system. Visitors can do to stop the session if necessary (in development);

  • Controller of precise positioning platform regardless of the weight of visitors.


  • Basis footboard level – 0,24 meters above a floor;

Imaging system:

  • 3D virtual helmet (the ability to view 360 degrees horizontally and vertically).

Sound system:

  • Wireless Hi-Fi headphones.

Video content:

  • 1 stereo game 360 free for all time, 5 stereo movies free for all time, 5 stereo movies for one year license;

  • Opportunity to purchase an additional content.

Control system: video server based on «Windows 7»:

  • Specially developed software "avatar" to play stereo films, platform management;

    Simple installation of new films;

    Easy to install licenses on the system and change the password;

    Video encryption;

    Protection from unauthorized access;

    Administrator password, the password of the operator;

    Possibility of showing some advertising information (posters movie trailers) and images of the hall to the external monitor during the session and between them;

    Opportunity to announce voice greetings before the session;

    Multi-lingual user interface;

    Display of the current 5d film playback time.

Cinema control panel:

  • Rack of management with the touch monitor;

The system of counting the number of users:

  • Number of visitors by sessions and films;

  • Session time;

  • Title of the film;

  • View the data on the screen with a password administrator;

  • GSM-modem for remote data acquisition on the total number ve visitor numbers (SMS).

Specifications of 2-seat platform:

  • Total area required – 4,5 square meters;

    220V; 1 kW; per hour maximum consumption 1.5 kW

    Weight of the platform 120 kg (without visitor);

    Floor load, kg / sq.m.: / static - 66.34 / dynamic - 84.37.

Platform dimensions (length, height), m:

  • L x H: 1.20 х 1.32

    Throughput (the average cycle 6 min.): up to 12 people. / hour;

    Maximum weight visitor, kg: 140;

    Fewer staff, men: 1.

Warranty service, months:

  • 12 months;

  • The warranty covers parts and assemblies for domestic production.

After-warranty service:

We make upgrading and retrofitting;

Accompaniment to the content 5d films and components.

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