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Amusement & Edutainment Technologies equipment has the highest level of wow effect on the market of dynamic layout for 5D cinemas.


Attractions from AET

Format 5D (5D) – innovation product of stereo screening film for most movie lovers and attractions. 5D cinemas have several features which will be discussed below. This is an Innovation services on the market of cinema attraction from company «AET / entertainment technology.

The company «AET / entertainment technology" offers the following models of 5D cinema which you can choose to install as a potential buyers. There are a «Avatar» - «combo», «mobi», «standard», «maxi 8» and «home» version - a complete set.

You can order a cinema with a flat or cylindrical screen, choose the films and add an additional effects. If you already have a cinema "Avatar" - you can retrofit it with unique module of 7D interactive.

Interactive attractions

  • The «Motion sphere» attraction

    «Motion sphere» gives the effect of full presence and participation of the viewer in a movie or game. Incredibly realistic three-dimensional picture, combined with special effects such as «water splashes», «wind», «mice' tales effect» and comfortable seats that can vibrate, rise and lean while repeating movements that happen on the screen is able to impress even the most sophisticated audience.

  • The «Rift Ride» attraction

    “Rift Ride” is an attraction of the last generation which doesn't require additional equipment: a special dark room and screen. Only dynamic platforms and 3D virtual helmet (unique 360° stereo content). Dynamic platform along with a virtual helmet won't leave indifferent even the most experienced fan of extreme sports. Compact size: 4,5m ² allows installing an attraction in any crowded place: shopping mall, amusement park, water park, zoos. Real payback period is approximately 4 - 6 months; there is a successful operating experience!

  • XD cinema sets

    • The «Avatar Standard» 5D cinema

      The basic version of 5D cinema equipment consist of double platform (3DOF), 5D quality special effects in the set, a large flat screen, fiberglass chairs, bulk acoustic - helping the viewer to take part in the events on the screen.

    • The «Avatar Combo» 5D cinema

      Compact version of the 5D cinema equipment consist of triple platform with three degrees of freedom (3DOF), embedded special effects, sports seats, a comfortable wide-screen - all the advantages of standard.

    • The «Avatar Mobi» 5D cinema

      Mobile version of the 5D cinema equipment. The equipment is located in a mobile van. There are 2 double or triple platform (3DOF) in mobile van. Accommodation in a standard trailer rides , gives the unique properties of mobile traffic to move closer to the people.

    • The «Avatar Maxi» 5D cinema

      5D cinema "Avatar Maxi 8" New solution for cinemas with a large throughput. 8 sports seats on one platform without losing WOW-effect. Compact size, wide screen, set of special effects.

5D cinemas of various manufacturers comparison

According to the visitor`s reviews, 5D cinema from the company «AET / Entertainment Technologies" - an unforgettable sight and amazing WOW effect. No one is indifferent. So go get it!

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