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Amusement & Edutainment Technologies equipment has the highest level of wow effect on the market of dynamic layout for 5D cinemas.


«AET / Amusement and Edutainment Technologies» Production, installation and operation of 5D cinemas.
Nikolai Grebenkine, CEO of «AET/Amusement and Edutainment Technologies», tells

Dear friends!

In the cold season of the year there is nothing better than to plunge into exciting, wonderful world of 5D. Three degrees of freedom, a memorable "wow-effect" and high-quality equipment will give a vivid emotions to all ages of visitors. Rides with dynamic stereo equipment 5D are not only a great way to spend time with a family, but also a unique tool for building a sustainable business, as potential  of development is limitless.

We realize this potential, creating a studio <Sinemator>, which will be accompanied your business for the duration of its operation, providing you with a new video material. Thanks to new film library, 5D cinema gets a huge opportunity for constant surprise visitors. Another good news for our customers will be significantly reduced price for the equipment, which allows you to choose the suit configuration for every budget. And even increased recently rents for retail space, it helps your business to flourish, because, among other things, we offer a mobile version of the cinema, which will allow you to be on holiday, party, set up in street theater halls and pay reasonable price  for the rent.

In addition, building your business on our products, you insure yourself against fraud. Our 5D cinema are daily statistics on your, mobile number, and help you to control your money. <AET / Technology Entertainment> cares and values every customers by providing fresh ideas and solutions for business organization. More information about 5D/6D, and even 7D cinema, you can find on our Website.

Of course, the excitement is based on the novelty has passed. A lot of rooms have opened, but I do not care about it. Why? I will answer some of your thoughts and doubts

1. "All super seats are occupied." This is true. Over the past period landlords raised the price does not pay rent to the heights, respectively your competitors are not for profit and for rent. We offer a solution to this issue, drawing your attention to the mobile version of the theater, which will allow you to be at festivals, parties, and other crowded places. Install cinema halls in the street and pay the rent reasonable price.

2. "It all revised." And it's great! There was already a steady contingent of visitors who go to the news, and you will be able to calculate, for how long, you need a new movie, to buy it and make money at the premiere. We have created a studio "Sinemator" that will accompany your business for the duration of its operation, providing film library.

3. "People are fed up with this idea." Do not worry about it! Cinema exist for many years, and even as a 5D has unlimited scope for development and surprise visitors.

4. "The price of equipment is a huge." Over the past year, the price of equipment has substantially declined. Today you can pick up any configuration to suit every budget. Our company offers the lowest prices on the market without sacrificing the quality of the product. We spend money to recreate the incredible customer emotions in the three degrees of freedom, with the unforgettable "WOW-effect!" That forces the audience to come again and again.

5. "Operators are not given to the rescue in full." By building our business on our products, you insure yourself against fraud. Our 5D cinema are daily statistics on you specified, mobile number, helping to control, comparing the data with the actual daily revenue.
We have full confidence in every aspect of our business . "AET / entertainment technology" - a great partner, providing fresh ideas and solutions to business organizations, using all the mod formats 5D attractions. More about 5D/6D, and even, increasingly popular, 7D cinema, you can find out reading our site.
5D-Year Plan is completed. Be new! Begin and continue with us! Nicholas Grebenkin, CEO «AET / Entertainment Technologies"

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